2012 A year of Happiness

In 2012 I was fortunate to have two jobs, both in which I love. I got promoted in both Jobs, and moving into 2013 I have the goal to accomplish a lot more in my positions.

My Dad, Mom and Stepdad are healthy and for the most part happy. I am lucky to have them in my life and appreciate all the times my family and I got together this year.

I feel like I got a lot done in 2012 for my career. I am very proud of myself and my hard work. I feel incredibly satisfied, and just happy to be in my position. It sounds kinda dumb, but I feel like a free bird. There is nothing tying me down, there is nothing distracting me, I got the green light and haven’t taken my foot off the pedal. I have no idea what will come in 2013 but I hope I am as ballsy as I was this past year in taking a chance in myself and pushing.

It was a great year for me. I learned a lot about people, met new great people, became closer friends with the ones I have. Aside from my jobs, and family, my friends this year have taught me a lot. They are encouraging, motivated and good people. They made my happiness. This year I met Juan Carlos, a mexican yes, but a great guy. Steven and Amanda, my babies that watch over me. Tracey always ❤ the strongest girl I know.

Tracey had the unfortunate loss of her mom Barb this year. It was hard watching the pain, and continues to be hard to see her struggle day to day but as a best friend all I can do is be there. So I will be there in full force in 2013. I hope I am as good of a friend to these guys as they are to me.

2012 holds a lot of great memories. Nashville trips, Chicago a lot, concerts and art scenes I never thought I’d see, or be able to be a part of.I got to eat whatever I wanted to, Drank in good company. Worked out a lot so it wouldn’t show.  I am just really lucky. I am so happy. Thanks 2012, hope lady 2013 is as beautiful as you are.


Free Drink Tip: become friends with a bartender. Sarah from Carlyle 🙂


some of my 2012 favorite tracks:

Alabama Shakes- Hold On

The Xx- Angels

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes- Wolf is Me

Young Readers-Boxcar

Twin Shadow- Five Seconds

Diamond Rings- Runaway Love

Marques Toliver- Deep In My Heart

Frank Ocean- Thinkin Bout You

Wild Child- Pillow Talk

Reptar- Houseboat Babies

The Lumineers- Morning Song

Kids These Days- Wasting Time

Brandy- Put it down (to feel sexy)

Loverlance- Beat it Up (come on)


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