“Live your Dash”

I started today by praying. I normally don’t, I had stopped over a year ago because I was confused, and quite honestly I still am, however, my grandpa didn’t raise me to forget my morals, or the lessons he spent time in teaching me. So I prayed. It felt weird and wrong only because I don’t want to be a hypocrite. We all need to believe in something though.

Today I went back to work, with a new attitude, and enthusiasm. It could be that I’m on this whole “it’s a new year, fresh start” phase, however I hope it’s a phase I can stick with. It could also be that one of the documentaries I watched over the weekend was “Into the Abyss” a story on a young man on death row  leading up to his execution day. Great film, important message. LIVE YOUR DASH- the dash in between your date of birth and the date of death, that dash is your life. A “YOLO” if you will. Anyway, today’s work day wasn’t bad, just odd. We had three people walk in asking for money, one very drunk, and the others just down on their luck. One things for sure, we need a security guard there. I also visited Tracey today, because she’s sick and thought maybe some laughs might help. So I told her some more of my vaulted up embarrassing stories and here’s one for you:

In 2011 I lived in Chicago for the summer, I had gone out with my friend Zack in Wrigleyville. A drunk girl had just fallen on her face and I couldn’t stop laughing. I had already called her an idiot, and pointed laughing at how embarrassed she must’ve felt. Not 1 minute later we began to walk away and I tripped on one of Chicago’s well paved sidewalks, landed on my hands but lost control and kissed the ground. Zack was laughing so hard he delayed in picking me up. We then got in a cab, and the driver said “I saw you fall are you okay?” he was parked across the street.

So after Trace heard my story we watched my recent favorite YouTube video “You forgot the blueberries”- enjoy.


Hope you liked that. After my visit I came home to find my beloved grandma sad. She told me how lonesome she’s been, so I offered to spend a day with her, but what she misses is companionship. This led me to give my 75 year old grandma a pep talk on dating(cause I have all the luck) and confidence. A 75 year old woman that is not sure of herself or her own accomplishments really upset me. So I made a list of things I see she has accomplished. She looked at the list and she cried, she said it had been the first time she ever felt recognized. I love my grandma, I admire her and her what she’s established for herself and I wish for her to find happiness in herself and someday maybe a gentleman. With that said, I never want to be in that position.

Today was a good day. I snuck in a quick mile run, and pulled something somewhere on my butt, so as of right not I have a mix of ice pack hot pad going on. Hope you, whoever you are reading this (thank you) had a good day as well.

Here’s a song stuck in my head:


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