Define Love: it’s evolution through my life

Love: by definition,

An intense feeling of deep affection: “their love for their country”.
Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone): “do you love me?”.
noun. affection – fondness – darling – passion
It’s more to us chicks. I got a text from my ex today, making conversation about a song I had showed him a while back. It was flattering, the thought that he thought of me. Then it took me to a time of when I knew a different person, a person that I loved. I started to think of the ridiculousness of my emotions for him were, but were those emotions so crazy?

Ross: Senior year. 6 months. I love you was said first on my behalf. Smart, funny, dork, comic books, innocent, high school, more than anything I ever had. Here is the first boy that payed attention to me, telling me he like me and my personality. As a high school adolescent… how flattering?! 6 months we were “dating”. I “loved him” and as soon as it arrived it left. He was 6’3″ and muscular. Amazing abs. Fast on the track, and stole every romantic line off of The OC, which I didn’t watch (genius)

Dustin: 2006. Met through a mutual friend he had slept with.Together 1 year. Lived with him and his family in Winnebago. Had complete control of me and my finances. CONTROLLING. I don’t mean that as an insult, he seriously had a copy to my statements because I was the idiot that thought that was okay. I thought I was so in love with this guy that he had the right to have US on a family phone plan billed to him to see who I texted and called. He offered me a place to live after a fight with my mom (my parents hated him) so I lived with him, his parents, and two younger siblings. We had separate bedrooms. Why I thought I loved him is beyond me… brain wash? He is a good guy, but crazy to think I dealt with that. I mean, he got mad at me once cause I got my hair cut without his approval on the cost of it.

Kyle: 2008. Met at wing ding, he starred at my boobs while I was talking to his friend (red flag). That was in August. By October I  “loved” him. 2 years later, I had a house, dog and shared family and friends. Like a divorce, it fell apart. It was split, what went to who. Who purchased what. Bella belonged to me.

Love by my definition:

A feeling beyond like. I like you a lot. I like you more than a lot. I like you a bunch… let’s call this love. Love is the idea. Everyone is happy that there is a word for this extreme infatuation. But love to me, has a different definition every time. I love you. I love you enough to cry if you’re hurt. I love you enough to care. I love you because I am happy with you right now. I love you because this is more than what I had before. I love you. What a ridiculous sentence. I like you more than yesterday. That will be my vow. “I like you more than I did the day I met you, more than just an hour ago, you are smart, attractive, and good to me. I like you a lot, more this second than I did when I started this sentence”. Love is an endless idea. Give me the man or woman that loved the most, that tapped the Love tap at it’s fullest. Pretty sure it’d be Romeo and Juliet but they were dumbasses.


Love: A feeling beyond like, but if you say “love” you are limiting yourself and emotions.

Side note: I own the white dress featured in this vid.



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