Thanks for the compliment.

I was just with my friend Tracey, who informed me that a coworker of hers, which I haven’t even met but was part of the same group of people I was with over the weekend, hates me. Why? Seeing how we have never met, never had a conversation, never was a fraction of a thought in my head. Well, she had seen me in a picture her ex boyfriend had posted on facebook, there for, it meant I had slept with him. I want to clarify that I have never slept with Juan Carlos, not even fathom the thought of flirting with him.

If anything, this girl has only given my confidence another boost. I feel bad for the girl. She’s cute, and seemed nice, idk, she was there this weekend but like I said I didn’t meet her, but seemed like she was having fun. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious I intimidated her, or she has low self esteem, regardless, I want to thank her for fooling herself to think I can sleep with whoever I want. It makes me feel good that you feel shitty about yourself and have to talk about me. It’s cute that you know my name, and make up ficticious stories about me to drive yourself crazy. Your hate is flattering.

I was never the girl to strut my stuff. I was and possibly still am the ugly duckling. I don’t believe that I’m ugly because I stopped caring what other people saw, or approved of. I like myself. Not my exterior but I like that I can embarrass myself and not know it. I like that I will order all the steak and potatoes and frown upon salads. I like that I don’t have basic skills like math, swimming, or skateboarding down. I like that I can eat a lot. I like that I burp like a man. And I especially like that I sneeze 8 times in a row. All dumb reasons to like myself but these are things that make me. I own them. As far as my looks, I learned how to shave my legs and work out, and now this is what I’m working with.

So to the girl that hates me: Thank you, because I am flattered at the compliment that you think your ex boyfriend would think a girl like me is good enough or hot enough to sleep with.

The photo below is me now, sweaty, messy, no make up… straight out of the gym. Keeping it real.


Sorry if I came off egotistical… I probably am.



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