Bella and my heartbreak

Since moving out of Corey’s and living with grandma, Bella has had to live with my parents. I and my ex raised her to be a hunter. That is not a joke. My yorkie tea cup would growl at the doorbell, attack on command, she caught a rabbit once. My brave baby, has turned to mush and now she asks to be picked up to get on the couch or bed, she begs for your scraps, she sleeps a lot, and has gained two pounds rounding her out at a whopping 5lbs which is over weight for her stature.

I will be moving out in a couple short months. My dilemma is this, Bella is catered to at my parents and I wouldn’t be able to feed those needs because of my schedule and my roommates. She is no ones responsibility but my. Can I retrain her? Can she be the badass she used to be? Tearing her away from her beloved “grandpa and grandma” are going to break the hearts of everyone involved.

Aside from that, today is a gorgeous rainy day. I intend on going to the park I used to run in for cross country. Visiting Fratello’s for my favorite cheesburger, going to the antique mall, and finally hitting the gym cause I learned my membership for Cardinal fitness is still valid.

Today is a good day. I am awake and almost fully healthy. I am happy. I am loved. I will not take this for granted.

Those hamsters got to me…


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