The Interview

It’s the night before my big interview. My pants are ironed and shirt steamed, jewelery and shoes ready to go. At 11am tomorrow my chance on making things better for myself falls on only me. It’s kind of crazy that my boss believes in me so much she encouraged me to apply for this position. […]

All good things…

At the end of last last week I was exhausted of seeing my co-workers and entirely burnt out from working 2 weeks at the florist, but today I got a pleasant surprise… It made me feel really good, and confident in my work. I still have not heard from the conservatory on that application, but […]

It’s May?!

  the above vid is not a vid, it’s my latest track addiction. I haven’t written in a while, and the real reason is that my time has been filled with social gatherings, work, and happiness. I think I started this blog with how proud I was at my 2012 accomplishments, and just 5 months […]