All good things…

At the end of last last week I was exhausted of seeing my co-workers and entirely burnt out from working 2 weeks at the florist, but today I got a pleasant surprise…


It made me feel really good, and confident in my work. I still have not heard from the conservatory on that application, but calls for interviews will most likely happen this week. *fingers crossed* I hope I get this job.

I’m looking forward to having this weekend off. I bought my first tent for our camping trip with the Sisney/Saunders clan.


Excited to venture and relax. Last night I had a funny dream about dandelions… you know how when they turn to the fly away white stuff? well in my dream it was a beautiful and romantic vision of a valley of them and the wind blew hard and made them fly and fall like snow, it wasn’t cold and it was so beautiful, and then a family of ducks appeared, Momma, Poppa, and 4 babies all wearing blue rain coats. I have no idea how to read into this dream. It may just mean I shouldn’t have mcflurries before bed.

I love storms, I look forward for the rain that is expected tonight. Most of all wearing my rain boots and raincoat. It’s a dream of mine to chase a storm someday. We’ll see. I went on somewhat of a cosmetic binge shopping spree. Bought shampoos and conditioners I don’t need quite yet, but good news is that hopefully it will give me the arousal portrayed in these old commercials…

BY THE WAY!-is that BUSTER?!

Things to look forward to this week: new Daft Punk comes out tomorrow, Camping this weekend!

Good day Ol Sport! I’ll leave you with my tune of the week.




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