The Interview

It’s the night before my big interview. My pants are ironed and shirt steamed, jewelery and shoes ready to go. At 11am tomorrow my chance on making things better for myself falls on only me. It’s kind of crazy that my boss believes in me so much she encouraged me to apply for this position. Around Nicholas today I got good lucks and you got this! from colleagues I had no idea knew I had even applied.

Here we go. I feel like I’ve only set my heart on an actual career 2 years ago, and working 2 jobs and keeping goals has actually paid off. It feels like winning the lotto, you buy a ticket in hopes, never thinking you’d actually win. Yeah this is only an interview for what I set my heart on 2 years ago, but it feels like graduation day for me.

I never had a graduation. A lot of people don’t know that. Technically I failed senior year, both my parents had been in the hospital at the same time for different illnesses, I worked and had track after school, I was making the commute from Rockford to Rolling Meadows to Chicago and back around everyday. My attention wasn’t in my school work, more on the reality of life. Either way I spent 2 weeks of summer school the week after my class walked, and got my diploma. No gown or cap, no tassels and family cheering. I got to go into the office where it had been waiting for me to pick it up.

Even if this is an interview, this is what I want to do. This is what I have been working for. The fact that my bosses took notice and are cheering me on feels great. It may not be graduation day, but I am proud I have a chance to sit at a table and show them what I got. I’m going in prepared tomorrow, I am going to fight for this job. Wish me luck!


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