Simple Whirlwind

I’m listening to this song as my little brown fingers are blogging away. Aside from being naturally brown, I got sunburned last week, and now I’m the color crayola packages as ‘Brown’.

There are a ton of analogies I can make for life, a roller coaster, the seasons,  a box of chocolates, but we’re all doing it. Which means you know how this works. Unexpected, unpleasant things happen, and when good things do happen, you’re the champion. I have won this race, this battle, this level. I am the winner. At least this month…

So I got the promotion!!! I know it’s a bit soon but I absolutely love my new position and excited to venture into the sunset with my goals and visions.  Today was my first day on my own and as tiring as it was, it was fun. I feel like I fit in perfectly. Seeing brides and grooms in love, every weekend, setting up their vision for their perfect day, seeing them letting cares slip away, and incredibly enchanted and enamored in each others eyes has set my cynicism on the side lines and my faith in everything has been restored.

I love my job. I like my life where it’s at. I’ve been setting larger goals now that I reached one of my bigger ones for the year. Finding my own place is my immediate goal along with getting down to birth weight. I hope that in two years I have a nice down payment saved for the purchase of my first house. It’s exciting to set goals. Right now I’m excited to get to August, that will be when Happy and I vacation to Atlanta for a wedding. Taking a trip with my beau.  (Eerie but following video to be played at 1:17 mark, unless you enjoy bands, which I do, in that case enjoy the whole thing.)

That in itself has been fun. Kinda like a partner in crime, no crime done however. He’s become a diary. I tell him my days, vent, laugh, secrets, and angers.  I hope I always remember the days I needed him, Happy has really kept me together.

I need to buy new shoes so bad. My feetsies and legs aren’t going to make it past July unless I invest in some HushPuppies lol. Against my better judgement I bought sandals for work and I have dropped a total of 8 chairs on my toes. Serves me right.

Wish I can go into detail about everything, and again, I have no idea if anyone is reading, but thanks for keeping up with me if you are. I am just too tired to continue typing tonight, so instead I will attempt to watch what looks like an awful show called “The Goodwin Games”. Wish me luck.

Oh and if you need a venue for a meeting, party or wedding please call me!




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