It can be worse.

I can write a blog about the terrible things that are happening in my life, or I can tell you the things that make it happy.

For starters, I am healthy, I have a job, I have a house, and a car, I have my loved ones and great friends, and a partner to make things better.

I have to remind myself of these great things when life gets a little hectic. I can complain, but it’s useless because it can be worse. My little sister was drunk and drove a few weeks ago, she hit a pole, totaled her car and walked out alive when she shouldn’t of. I’m glad I’m not you sissy. Or how about my friend that was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer about 3 months ago, undergoing chemo and having a little boy with congenital hydrocephalus which is a handful on top of her 6 year old little girl. It could be worse. Or Tracey, her mom’s one year anniversary of her death is approaching, I can’t imagine not having my mom or dad. I don’t want to imagine that,

Believe me when say I wish I can take the pain away for all of them, and in a selfish way I hope I never have to go through those things. Here’s another blog about me being grateful, but I’m glad I can give myself that checklist to keep me steady. My life right now is a trial, it’s incredibly stressful, but how petty of me if I were to dwell on it.

I give myself time to break down and cry, but I keep it short. 5 minutes tops is what I allow myself to cry a day if at all. There is no reason for me to be sad for myself, I have it all. There will never be enough money for me not to be stressed, there won’t ever be a day where everyone is completely healthy and happy. There will never be a time when mistakes aren’t made. But my life is good.

I have what I need, and anything more would be appreciated, but gluttony is a sin after all. If you’re reading this keep in mind that you are lucky too, even if it doesn’t seem like it now, but it can be worse. Keep afloat, chin up.

If you pray please Pray for Haylie and her family, if you wish upon stars, use one up for her.

I’m lucky.


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