The following song is what I envisioned myself someday walking down the isle to my future husband to… not saying that it won’t still happen, but Haylie has always been one to help me fantasize about my someday wedding day.  This song makes me both happy and sad, which leads me to this story.   […]

A new song

There is a mixed cd out there somewhere with songs from my past. Songs that meant something at one time. I couldn’t tell you what those songs were, if they played I wouldn’t be able to notice, I don’t think. They were songs I danced to, and songs I held hands to, they were love […]

It can be worse.

I can write a blog about the terrible things that are happening in my life, or I can tell you the things that make it happy. For starters, I am healthy, I have a job, I have a house, and a car, I have my loved ones and great friends, and a partner to make […]

Simple Whirlwind

I’m listening to this song as my little brown fingers are blogging away. Aside from being naturally brown, I got sunburned last week, and now I’m the color crayola packages as ‘Brown’. There are a ton of analogies I can make for life, a roller coaster, the seasons,  a box of chocolates, but we’re all […]

The Interview

It’s the night before my big interview. My pants are ironed and shirt steamed, jewelery and shoes ready to go. At 11am tomorrow my chance on making things better for myself falls on only me. It’s kind of crazy that my boss believes in me so much she encouraged me to apply for this position. […]

All good things…

At the end of last last week I was exhausted of seeing my co-workers and entirely burnt out from working 2 weeks at the florist, but today I got a pleasant surprise… It made me feel really good, and confident in my work. I still have not heard from the conservatory on that application, but […]

It’s May?!

  the above vid is not a vid, it’s my latest track addiction. I haven’t written in a while, and the real reason is that my time has been filled with social gatherings, work, and happiness. I think I started this blog with how proud I was at my 2012 accomplishments, and just 5 months […]

Bella and my heartbreak

Since moving out of Corey’s and living with grandma, Bella has had to live with my parents. I and my ex raised her to be a hunter. That is not a joke. My yorkie tea cup would growl at the doorbell, attack on command, she caught a rabbit once. My brave baby, has turned to […]

Thanks for the compliment.

I was just with my friend Tracey, who informed me that a coworker of hers, which I haven’t even met but was part of the same group of people I was with over the weekend, hates me. Why? Seeing how we have never met, never had a conversation, never was a fraction of a thought […]

Define Love: it’s evolution through my life

Love: by definition, Noun An intense feeling of deep affection: “their love for their country”. Verb Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone): “do you love me?”. Synonyms noun. affection – fondness – darling – passion It’s more to us chicks. I got a text from my ex today, making conversation about a […]